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The Con

Inspired by producer Patrick Lovell’s own personal experience with fraudulent mortgage lenders, The Con is a five-part docuseries that explores the intricacies of the 2008 financial crisis and how greed led the powers at be to steal from the poor to give to the rich. The financial crisis, the stock market crash and the subsequent days of the Great Recession didn’t just materialize out of thin air. It was the direct result of a banking and mortgage industry that was rife with corruption and allowed to spiral out of control. Predatory lending practices, deregulation, criminal bankers and banks that became too big to fail caused catastrophic economic damage. And it was the average Americans who bore the brunt of it. Homes foreclosed all over the country and some Americans, who were misled the financial institutions they trusted, were left in dire straits. 

Directed and written by Eric S. Vaughan, The Con unpacks all of these details and examines the integrated system of fraud and all of the key figures who made this happen. This docuseries is frighteningly revelatory and offers viewers a warning of the future: this can and will happen again if we don’t recognize that greed is in fact bad.

The docuseries interviews whistleblowers, journalists and financial experts to get at the truth of what really happen. I don’t pretend to understand all of the particulars, and you don’t need to in order to grasp the concepts. The Con offers case studies of real people who were adversely affected by these predatory practices. 

Visit the official website for more information and to watch the first episode.

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  1. Research TOXICZOMBIEDEVELOPMENTS and such things as AMERICA LOOTED STUPID and TRILLIONS STOLEN 84 CAPTURES ….. The real facts and the Real Money Laundering involves far far far more than this Extremely Limited Video Series.

    Charlie Wilson’s War …… Iran Contra and lotsbof other CIA Money Scams and DOPE INC have been left out. You really need to examine THE PAPER LAND CON and research THE GREAT TEXAS BANK JOB ……. You see Exposing the CONS began long long long BEFORE Pat Lovell bought his Foreclosed House.

    The facts are easily researched at TOXICZOMBIEDEVELOPMENTS ….. Oh and JUDSON WITHAM ….. You Left JUDSON WITHAM OUT

  2. PS That’s Me in OREM just East of the Mall in PROVO …… You know MORMON LAND back in 2008 ….. Ask Sam Bushman of Liberty Round Table and DO YOUR HOMEWORK

  3. The Story goes back to HOUSTON in the 70s and 80s …… The Bank Lootings in Texas and Utah Arizona Florida Poconos California Hawaii etc etc etc ……. The TOXICZOMBIEDEVELOPMENTS will explain far far far far MORE THOROUGHLY