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Shudder: Offseason

Written and directed by horror filmmaker Mickey Keating, Offseason imagines an isolated resort town as the center of tourism and paranormal activity.

When Marie (Jocelin Donahue) receives word that her mother Ava’s (Melora Walters) grave has been desecrated, she and her ex George (Joe Swanberg) travel to Block Island to meet with the cemetery caretaker. It’s the end of summer and the island has just been closed off to tourists. But Marie and George can’t wait until spring when the island re-opens so they convince the bridgekeeper to let them through. Upon arrival, Marie can’t find the caretaker orĀ  anyone connected to the cemetery. And the year-round residents she does encounter are all behaving oddly. When the two try to leave the island, they discover that all roads lead to nowhere. Marie reveals to George the mythology her mom shared with her about Block Island. After many years of devastating storms, the island residents made a deal with a water monster/demon for eternal salvation. The deal came at a price. Marie doesn’t believe this is true but knows that her mother Ava has always feared this place. Will Marie and George be able to get off the island in time? Or will they be trapped there for eternity?

The Shudder original film Offseason offers some fun summertime spooks especially for those who love demonic/paranormal horror. It’s an interesting concept and I was drawn in by the trailer. Don’t go in expecting too much as it has some confusing mythology and questionable dialogue (ex: “I’m going to shoot you and it’s going to hurt.”). The best part of the film is Melora Walters’ performance as Ava, the tormented mother. Her opening monologue is quite captivating.

Offseason premieres on June 10th on Shudder.