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AFI Fest: Wander Darkly

Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Mateo (Diego Luna) are at an impasse in their relationship. The couple have settled down and had a baby but have ultimately grown to resent each other. After a tense interaction at a party,  Adrienne and Mateo are involved in a horrific car accident that inevitably changes their relationship forever.

It’s difficult to talk about Wander Darkly without giving away key elements of the plot that make the film so mesmerizing. Directed by Tara Miele, who was inspired by her own trauma to tell the story of Adrienne and Mateo, Wander Darkly is a gripping drama about trauma, love, gratitude and Miele calls “everyday magic.” The way film pivots back and forth from reality to memory, often combining the two, is astonishingly good. Miller and Luna breathe life into their characters in such a profound way. Wander Darkly is riveting and has easily become one of my favorite films of the year.

Wander Darkly was screened as part of the 2020 virtual AFI Fest. It is distributed by Lionsgate.