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Somewhere With No Bridges

It’s been more than two decades since fisherman Richie Madeiras perished off the coast of Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard. His distant cousin Charles Frank revisits the life of this much beloved husband, father and friend by creating a moving tapestry of memories. He visits Oak Bluffs, ventures out with Richie’s son and his best friend, interviews those who knew and loved Richie best and even interviews his mother and father. This eulogy paints a portrait of a dynamic character, full of life, who was tragically taken from his loved ones and his community far too soon. The documentary is a tone poem, weaving tender memories and powerful visuals into a lyrical piece that will envelop the viewer. Somewhere With No Bridges is unlike any biographical documentary I’ve ever seen. It requires patience and calm, which is a welcome respite in our fast-paced world.

“My greatest hope is that this film will remind anyone that feels divided or distant from someone they love to search for that one thing that connects them. To build a bridge in a place that seems to have none.”

Director/writer/producer Charles Frank

Somewhere With No Bridges releases Spring 2022 from First Run Features.