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Fantasia Festival: Agnes

“Shall we go see about your poor lost lamb?”

When Sister Agnes (Hayley McFarland) is suddenly possessed by demons, the nuns at Santa Teresa look to Father Black (Ben Hall) and Father Benjamin (Jake Horowitz) for help. Sister Mary (Molly C. Quinn) witnesses the attempts at exorcism and something about the experience and an encounter she has with Agnes changes her. Mary sheds her nun’s habit and goes back to secular life. But is she ready for it?

Written by Mickey Reece, who also directed, and John Selvidge, Agnes is a modern take on the classic story of religious life and exorcism. It’s light on horror elements focusing more on the drama surrounding Sister Mary. The film feels disjointed at times and I couldn’t help but feel like titling the story Agnes is misleading. Agnes is merely a supporting player in what ends up being Mary’s story. Molly C. Quinn is brilliant as the lead. Her eyes express the character’s pain and she has this angelic countenance that makes her perfect for playing a religious neophyte and a lost soul. The film offers some really fantastic cinematography which adds to its decidedly modern feel. This would pair nicely with Agnes of God (1985) as a double bill.

Rita Scranton, Zandy Hartig, Cait Brasel, Mary Buss, Molly Quinn, Azrial Greene-Pina, Cheryl McConnell, and Rachel True as the Sisters of Santa Teresa 
Photographer: Stephan Sutor 

Agnes had its international premiere at the 2021 Fantasia Film Festival.

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